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How to care for your Studio Ides pieces

Polymer clay is an ultra lightweight, yet sturdy material. It is water resistant but the metal fixing components are not so please don’t store or wear in damp environments - I'm talking, the bath, shower and swimming are all no no's while wearing your bobby dazzlers! Polymer clay has bend to it but should not be bent if possible; the resin top coats really won't withstand it. As with all jewellery it should be handled with care.

Brass & gold plated components will tarnish over time but can be restored easily when gently buffed with a soft piece of cloth. 

Resin and varnish topcoats can become eroded/tacky when exposed to alcohol so please avoid spraying perfume on your favourite dangles! Your Studio Ides wares be cleaned every so often with a little mild washing liquid solution and a soft cloth to restore their high shine.

Lastly, please don't store your pieces on windowsills in direct sunlight as this can cause the bright colours to fade - no one wants a sad greige pair of dangles!